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Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade shows offer all the benefits of in-person events, including the opportunity to showcase your products and services with our live video chat system.

The only difference is that everything is done online,

A Virtual Trade Show makes it much more accessible and convenient for small business owners who may be unable to travel to an in-person event.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual trade shows is the ability to reach a much wider audience.

With no physical limitations, attendees can come from anywhere in the world, giving small business owners access to a potentially much larger customer base.

Besides being accessible, virtual trade shows are also cost-effective.

There’s no need to worry about travel costs or booth rental fees, making it a great option for small business owners who are operating on a tight budget.

A new era of technological advancements and opportunity has arrived.

We help retailers and brands evolve shopping experiences into more than just foot traffic.

360 Shopping Live produce and market 360 VR Tours with LIVE customer support, creative content, hot spots, and custom order forms

to do the hardest part of running a business these days…


How do we do it?

We offer exceptional shopping experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a 360 of my store?

You have 3 choices, the easiest would be to have a local freelancer with a 360 camera come to your location. The second option would be to hire us. The 3rd would be to order one online or visit your local Best Buy. Since Virtual Shopping is becoming more popular by the day, price for a decent 360° Ricoh camera is down to $299.

Can I embed this 360 marketplace into my current website?

Yes, you can share your presentation in several ways including HTML code (that will be sent to you), a simple URL, etc.

What is the turnaround time from when 360 is shot to placement on my site?

The 360 presentations will be available usually the same day (24 hours max). 

Can I shoot footage of my products for the Infospots?

Yes, you can take your own photos and video clips without any special skills and send them to us via email, we have an in-house studio for editing/cropping, etc.

Will I be able to use the 360 content on other advertising material?

Yes, In fact, we encourage you to use the 360 content on your social media posts to grab attention. We will generate your ads from the footage as well and you are also free to share anywhere you like.

Is there a startup package to test the market use?

We have made the pricing so inexpensive that just the content creation that can be used on social media posts is a bargain in itself.

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